Nowadays we are being more frequently introduced to new cookware products than we have ever witnessed. This phenomenon may have occurred due to the ever-rising demands of customers or even the new trends. There is no determining factor that brought up this change but it has proven to be of great convenience to the consumers.

If smart working families and individuals are spending more time in the kitchen then it’s obvious that they would need smart and convenient cookware to make their work much easier. As a result, the market has recently experienced a wave of newly discovered cookware solutions. Furthermore, these cookwares have become an inseparable part of our daily lives.

This has also urged many companies to develop cookware parts that can increase the performance of their product. The reason behind that is simple, if a new part can improve the functionality, safety and design of the cookware then it will be more convenient for the users to utilise such products, which increases the demands. That’s why for cookware manufacturers in India, changes which bring improvement to the cookwares are like a boon. Prominent companies pay even more attention to producing cookware that meets higher standards than before.

Be Attentive To The Handle Design

One of the most crucial parts of any cookware is the handle design. This is a key area that you should focus on before buying any kind of cookware collection. It doesn’t mean that your main focus shouldn’t be on the pot materials and the properties of the cookware themselves, however, it would be a fatal mistake to disregard the significance of cookware handles. If a cookware’s handle design performs well, then the consumer is much more likely to buy a similarly designed product next time.

Why Are Handles So Important?

With all the emphasis on handles, you may have started to wonder ‘why cookware handles are considered so special?’ We must have all experienced this at least once but have you ever noticed that the only element of cookware we touch during cooking is the handle. So it’s not unusual for companies to put a special focus on handle designs. For this sole reason, handles have managed to become an essential component of our traditional cookware. Therefore it also demands the uninterrupted attention of consumers.

We all come into direct contact with cookware handles while cooking and for that reason, a handle design is of major concern. You have to make sure that the handle ensures safe and manageable cooking. The handle must meet up to certain standards of ‘comfort, quality and safety’ which is always expected from a product designed for everyday use.

It is also essential to not forget that the handle’s not there only for the sake of convenience but also serves an aesthetic aim which further increases the quality of the product.

Pick The Right Cookware Handle

When you compare the handles of different pans and pots available in the market, you’ll notice that they are made up of different materials. You have to choose a specific material suiting your needs to get the most out of your purchase. For example, let’s talk about Thermoset, it is a plastic material with incredible insulating properties which makes it suitable for continuous exposure to heat. It is also the most consistent material used in building cookware handles. 

This happens because the thermoset handles turnouts to be more durable over time. They are not only dishwasher safe but also ideal for creating attractive designs on handles.

You should also keep the weight in mind before choosing a cookware handle. If the hand handle is already heavy, think how much heavier it will get when you actually start to cook some food. Make sure that the handles are easy to grasp, if not then it will cause you a lot of inconvenience in the long run. If you keep all these factors in mind then you’ll be easily able to discern between good and bad cookware handles.


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