How to Use a Pizza Peel Properly? No More Sticking

The ideal oven stone. The ideal temperature. Perfect pizza dough and the perfect sauce, an ideal cheese, and the perfect toppings. All you have to do is place your pizza in the oven, and you’ll be minutes away from delicious hot pizza made from scratch.

Then you take the peel off and put it in the oven. Please give it a shake, allowing it to slide your pizza away. Then you realize that the pizza will not move!

There’s nothing more annoying than being trapped (pun intended) in the final stage of making homemade pizza. We’re with you, and I’ve had an email from my father that said I was going to be in serious trouble because I gave them a pizza pan without adequately teaching my mother how to make use of a pizza peel, which led to pizzas that were stuck and delayed dinners.

Pizza peel can be a difficult one to master, but as you know “Practice Makes You Perfect!”. So you must practice, practice & practice. To make it easier for your pizza to get onto your stone or stainless steel, we’ve got some suggestions to share with you to follow.

How To Use A Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is used to move your pizza from the kitchen counter into the oven and take it back

  1.  Spread the dough on the work surface until your desired length. Then, dust the work surface using semolina and flour mix and lift the dough onto the work surface. It will stretch back to its size because it may have reduced in size.
  2. Include your cheese, sauce, and other toppings. Do not get sauce in the pan because the moisture can cause the dough to stick. Each time, give it a quick shake to ensure it isn’t stuck.
  3. The trick is to unlock the oven and then pull the rack out using the pizza stone. Then utilize a quick back-and-forth wrist movement to place the pizza on the stone. Think of it as the magic trick using the table cloth. Pull back swiftly and with confidence.
  4. You can give it small stretches to bring it back into the circular shape when you have it on the stone. However, be aware of your fingers. Close the kitchen door, and allow it to cook for a couple of minutes. Then, using the peel, remove it and then put it back into the middle of the stone.

Best Method to Avoid Pizza From Peel Sticking

If you’re searching for the most effective method to protect your pizza from sticking to any peel, then you’re at the right spot. Paar Kitchen comes with the latest kitchenware for their customers. We’ve created a great Pizza Peel Square, which will remove any peel sticking. It means that you don’t need to be concerned about it in the least. It makes making pizza much simpler, as it’s the appropriate equipment for the job, and also prevents you from ruining your pizzas by dropping them all on the oven.


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