Gas Cylinder trolley

A gas cylinder is the most common type of fuel in India. The gas is supplied through pipes in some regions but gas cylinders are extensively used. One of the problems with the gas cylinders is the weight factor. It is not easy to transport the cylinders from one place to another even if it is from one room to another. It is even more difficult for ladies to shift the heavy weighing cylinders. Also when the cylinders are kept on the floor for a long time they tend to leave marks on the tiles and also spoil the flooring. Keeping all these problems in mind we have come up with a product called gas cylinder trolley.

The problem with the cylinders is faced mainly when the cylinders get empty and you have to handover it again to the supplier. It is a pretty difficult job to lift and shift that. Gas cylinder trolley helps you in transporting the heavy cylinder from one room to another with ease. The cylinder trolley can help elderly people, people with back problems, weak people and all those who have problems lifting heavyweights.

The trolley is a hard trolley round in shape and also fitted with wheels at the bottom. The cylinder trolley is made of PP plastic with heavy-duty Castor wheels. The wheels and trolley are fit enough to hold the heavy cylinders. The trolley also keeps the cylinders above the ground and hence the floor and the tiles don’t get any marks and tiles also don’t get spoilt. All the people who find problems in moving the cylinders can also move the cylinder with ease if it is mounted on the trolley. The trolley is, in fact, the boon for all.

The gas cylinder trolley was designed by keeping in mind all the age groups of people working in the kitchen. She may be an old lady or a young. None of them will face any problem while moving the cylinders. The long life of the trolley ensures that it will keep your life easy for a very long time. Read this post to know more about modern kitchen gadgets in India.


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