Chop Cut

Cutting, slicing, chopping are one of the most common activities performed in the kitchen. But they always come with a great amount of danger and risks. The traditional tools used for the above-mentioned activities were also difficult and risk-prone. Most of the time it left a whole lot of mess and hence more works were added. To eliminate all this we came up with a product called Chop Cut which is a one-stop solution to all the cutting activities. It comes with a board, a blade and a handle attached to the board. The blade is fit enough to cut almost any of the foodstuff that we find in our kitchen.

Cutting things can be a difficult job especially when the vegetable is strong. The second worrying thing is the mess that is involved in the process. The chop cut easily eradicates both of the problems with its simple and innovative design. You can cut a variety of things like cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. The chop cut minimizes the work and also keeps it very clean.

The chop cut is a simple plastic-fiber board which is pretty strong and cut resistant. The board is fitted with the blade which is fixed at one end and a circular handle on the other end. The blade can move 360 degrees. It is made of strong stainless steel and corrosion-resistant. It is also a two-sided blade. The usage of the particular side depends on the type of ingredient and requirements. The handle is made of plastic and very easy to hold. The handle can be used to cut the vegetables at a very fast pace and simplify our job to a great extent. The other end of the blade can also be used to chop and slice.

The design of the chop cut also makes it very easy to clean and store. The board can be cleaned with water once the job is done. There is minimal contact with the blades. Also, it can be stored in any of the drawers and it is very compact and takes very minimal place. Chop cut is a smart alternative to the orthodox cutting and slicing tools used in the kitchen. It will give a new definition to the cutting process involved in the cooking and read here our new post about innovative kitchen tools.


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