We have barely seen a change in traditional frying pans for as long as we can remember. It’s not like we have never witnessed an upgrade in designs for the sake of convenience but that only goes for the form and composition of the pan. When it comes to the performance of typical frying pans, it’s been one and the same for many years.


Unfortunately, with traditional pans, cooking on a stovetop can become a game of guess and check. Even if you can manage to cook everything, cooking meat on a pan proves to be of great challenge to many cooks around the world. Any guesswork will solely depend upon the sound of sizzling and popping, with only these two clues you have to guess the right temperature of the pan which often leads to charred or undercooked food. This has caused many inexperienced cooks to quit cooking meat and stick to easy things.


Development of Smart Pans


Fortunately, we have witnessed the next evolutionary leap in the development of kitchen cookware. Yes, we are talking about a frying pan that makes cooking easier – A smart pan with a temperature sensor inside it. The main goal behind the development of a smart pan is to transmit the live temperature of the pan to the cook when cooking. This will enable even an average cook to make any dish just the way a professional chef or their mom would prepare it. With the help of such smart pans, you can finally say goodbye to undercooked or burned food because now you can precisely determine the moment when the pan is just at the right temperature for cooking. With the help of smart pans you can flip or stir at the right timing, making a nice dinner for your guests and family. Using this innovative cooking tool you will enjoy the cooking.



Pantelligent – A Smart Frying Pan

If you think that such development isn’t possible, then the fact that a smart frying pan has already been introduced in the market by Pantelligent might shock you. This smart frying pan works like a GPS for dinner so it can be considered a boon for novice cooks. The smart pan guides a chef step-by-step throughout the recipe. It even sends alerts in case you happen to leave the pan attended for a while. It works like a GPS but it still helps you cultivate your own cooking skill.

The biggest issue with using a typical frying pan is that you can’t accurately measure temperature while cooking in it. Pantelligent does all the work that a normal frying pan is supposed to do, the only feature that differentiates it from other pans is its intelligent temperature sensor.

The founder of pantelligent also addressed a issue regarding the temperature sensor, “If you were to naively mount a sensor on the bottom of the pan when you turn the heat on, the flame is really hot, so the temperature will measure a really high temperature that’s not accurately measuring the top of the pan”. For that reason, he mounted a sensor inside the pan and insulated it from the bottom. That’s why the heat sensor embedded in this smart pan can accurately measure the temperature.


Attractive Features Of Pantelligent Frying Pan

  • You can get step-by-step, real-time guidance through Bluetooth which enables you to perfectly cook any kind of meat.
  • This special feature gives you a stress-free cooking experience which leads you to enjoy your time cooking.
  • An intelligent sensor measures the live temperature of the pan’s surface. Now you can tell the exact temperature of the pan when the food touches it.
  • It also comes with an Optional Autopilot Mode that allows the pan to control the heat automatically.
  • On top of that, you also get one year of limited manufacturer’s warranty period which is rarely seen in frying pans.


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