Egg Slicer

Eggs and meat are one of the most common nonvegetarian diets that we have in our day to day life. From that eggs are a more important part of our diet as it is very healthy and high in proteins. We do have eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most people prefer to have eggs for breakfast. So we have introduced a brand new innovative product called egg slicer which is used to slice boiled eggs. It helps in serving your breakfast is a beautiful manner and makes it very attractive to the person to whom it is served.

Generally, breakfast is served in the old fashioned style where you boil the eggs and serve it on the plate. That is not appealing to the person to whom it is served. Egg slicer changes the whole scenario. The egg slicer cuts the egg in equal parts and looks elegant on the plate.

The egg slicer is made of ABS Plastics and stainless steel wire. The stainless steel wire is corrosion resistant. The wires are very thin. The egg slicer is a soap shaped box which can be opened from the middle. The egg is to be placed in the middle of the case and then the lid is to be closed on the egg. The blades on the lid cut the egg in many thin and small equal parts. The egg slicer case is made of hard plastic. It can also be cleaned very easily under the flowing water or with some dry cloth. It is very compact and occupies very little space. This makes it easy to store and keep in any of the drawers or the utensils shelf.

The egg slicer is a small and new tool that can be a part of any modular kitchen. The egg slicer is available only in rich white color. The ease of use and the effective cutting of the slicer have made it one of the famous buys from our list of products. Its small size and weight make it easy to carry on picnics and outings. The egg slicer which is one of the best kitchen gadgets in India defiantly a trendy tool to have it in your kitchen.


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