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Cooking is one of the oldest activities being performed by humans. Even after years of evolution in techniques, methods and cooking style it never far away from injuries. We have often heard about finger cuts, finger burns, etc with the cooks. It is not because of carelessness but due to the complexity involved in some of the techniques and tools that we employ in cooking. Most of the injuries happen during the usage of knives, blades, scissors, etc. We at Avani enterprise try to solve the complexities involved in such a process by introducing easy to use and efficient Kitchen Helping Tool which will make sure you enjoy cooking. Cooking is not a challenge but enjoying is what poses as a challenge.

The main essence of our products is an inefficient design. The products are designed by keeping the customer in the mind so as to provide maximum productivity with very minimal or no efforts. The grater is one of the fine examples of our design.

The big mouth type bucket helps the user to load the grater with the different stuff that he wants to grate. This also comes with a box attached below the bucket which helps in collecting the grated items. The blades used are stainless steel blades with noncorrosive. There is no possibility of the user getting in contact with the blades and hence the chances of getting cut are none. All that the user needs to do is rotate the blade with the easy to hold handle provided at the outside of the box. This handle is also made with a special material that cancels out any chance of slipping it from the hand.

One more important part of kitchen etiquette is the cleanliness. The kitchen needs to be really clean and maintained because it the place where the food we eat is made and stored. Our product helps you on that front as well. There is absolutely no question of any spillage. It is small, compact and very easy to use. You can open the upper bucket and clean the blades and use them again and again.

Our graters boast the latest of the modern designs and it easily becomes a part of any modular kitchen. It is stylish and an exquisite tool. You can grate all kinds of items whether it is hard or soft. You can use it grate cashews, groundnuts, garlic, chilies. Our graters will make sure that you experience a feel-good factor while grating. Read this post to know more about our modern kitchen gadgets in India like this graters.


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